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Product Updates // August 2022
Product Updates // August 2022

Org setup made easy with shareable links and more

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New features

Issue details and preview

Drill down on any issue detected by Clayton and see a code snippet without leaving Clayton. Works for any repository and environment!

Org setup made easy with shareable links

Connecting an environment now generates a link you can hand over to any Salesforce administrator, to let them securely connect their org. The link is unique and will be used to prepare a scan report that only you and your team can see. Clayton users can now scan any orgs without knowing the orgs’ admin credentials or having to set up a Salesforce connection beforehand.

New “make suggestions” protection mode

A new Make suggestions protection mode automatically gives advice to developers with possible improvements to pull requests without forcing them to make such changes. Read more here.

More settings to control your environments

Control both Visibility and Team of your Environment to manage confidentiality and who in your workspace can access scan reports for any Salesforce Org.

A new Ignore List tab lets you exclude files and paths you don’t want to scan using regular expressions.

New rules


Lightning Web Components


Rules improvements

Other improvements

  • Support for announced Diff improvements change on Bitbucket APIs

  • Protection modes: added advanced settings now allow whether PR reviews should be updated based on new commits or only when there is a change in the issues detected

  • Improved repository settings

    • Redesigned team and role management

    • Redesigned ignore list

    • Archive and delete repositories

  • Engine Improvements: support for multiple extended Apex interfaces

  • Various security hardening improvements

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