Clayton helps you keep your code quality under control automatically, by monitoring and reviewing your code when it changes in your repository.

Webhooks in your version control system, let Clayton listen to specific Git events and trigger reviews in real-time (ref. How the Clayton code reviews work).

How to enable automated code reviews

Clayton creates webhooks automatically to monitor for relevant events in your repository. To set up the automation, please do the following steps:

  1. Log in to Clayton
  2. Go to your project page
  3. Click on Project name on top bar
  4. Click on Project settingsĀ 
  5. Switch on the Trigger reviews on push and Trigger reviews on pull requests toggles

Scan only what you need

1. Pull request protection

Use the following settings if you want to automatically protect every new pull requests to make sure to:

  • fix issues early (before they become real problems)
  • protect your main integration branch
  • enforce coding standards across every new development
  • stop the accumulation of technical debt

2. Monitor new contributions towards a specific branch

In your project settings page, with the Scan only contributions towards the main branch toggle you can decide to scan automatically only new code pushed and pull requests towards the configured main branch:

Quality Gate

Do you want to create a quality gate for your projects with Clayton?
Have a look at our dedicated Help Section to learn how to make sure that newly committed code doesn't introduce problems.

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