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With Clayton is now possible to trigger code reviews targeting specific Branches of your repo or specific Pull requests available for your project.

Code reviews can be triggered automatically via webhook events, or manually:

  1. Go to your Clayton homepage

  2. Click on your project

  3. Click on the Branches tab or Pull requests

  4. Click Scan

You will receive a notification once the scan is completed.

Review Report

Once the review is done, you will be able to see the results and check the issues Clayton may detect.

Reports are split by policies that are configured on the project and include the full explanation and fix resources for every problem detected.

It is also possible to search findings by rule, author, file, commit ID, commit comments, and more.

Icons and colour coding

Code review not passed. Blocker issues detected; fix required.

Code review passed, with warnings. Non-blocking issues detected. Fix suggested but not required.

Code review passed. No issues detected.

Branch Scan History

Go to Home > Project > Branches and select the desired branch to see trends by:

Issue Detail View

Click on any issue detected to:

  • see the affected code snippet

  • open git at the related revision

  • [Timeline tab] see the issue introduced date

  • [Timeline tab] see the issue detected date

Always-on protection for your pull requests

Clayton automatically reviews every pull request to continuously monitor developments and ensure full compliance at all times.

Read more here to learn how Clayton helps you keep your code quality under control automatically enforcing standards across the entire delivery.

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