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Clayton Notification System
Clayton Notification System

Configure your notifications to stay up to date on your projects and collaborate more effectively

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You can update what are the events you want to be notified of on the Notification preferences page.

  1. From your avatar in the top right, click Notification preferences.

  2. Switch on the Events you want to be notified

  3. Configure the filter to receive notifications only on specific projects


Clayton sends email notifications to licensed users when the following events occur:

  • Assessment report available: A scan is completed and a new assessment report is ready

  • New skill versions published: Be alerted when new skill versions are published

  • Scan ready: A scan is completed and a new report is available

  • Tracked branch protection alert: Be alerted when new problems appear on a tracked branch


Update your preferences to get notified when specific events are happening on:

  • Projects you are a member of

  • Projects I am the lead of

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