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Customize your project settings

The project settings will allow you to configure how Clayton will trigger the review

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Project settings are useful to define how Clayton connects to your repository and how it will trigger the code reviews on your code:

  1. Go to your Clayton homepage

  2. Click on your Project > Settings > Policies


Set up scan policy and code review criteria for your project.

Define which kind of files to ignore during code reviews:

You can use regex to prevent entire folders or files respecting certain naming conventions to be scanned by Clayton.




Invite and manage your engineering team.

Team members can have two different roles: Developer and Project Lead. Please read our dedicated article to know more.

Version control

Setup how Clayton connects to version control and monitors activity.

1. Create a webhook in your VCS with one-click.

2. Define what type of feedback you want to use.

  • Multiple (according to the active skills) or single status checks

  • Pull request approvals/declines or just comments

Main branch configuration

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