Clayton lets you assign a role to your project team members:


The most common role for a project is the developer.

  • Access the project and its code reviews

  • Launch scans manually

  • Download any code review report

Project Lead

A project lead is responsible is used for users that have the authority to manage the project and its team. A project lead can:

  • Anything a Developer can do, and

  • Configure the code criteria, selecting amongst the skills that are installed within the workspace.

  • Ignore an issue (this is useful, for example, when what appears to be a problem with your code comes from a conscious architectural decision)

  • Manage team members and their roles

  • Remove users from the team

Manage Your Team

Project Lead users can manage Project Team members to ensure all the contributors have proper visibility on their projects:

  1. Go to your Clayton homepage

  2. Click on your project

  3. Click on “Settings”, then "Team"

  4. Use the prompted interface to manage your Team members

Help needed?

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