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Impact Report
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The impact report has been designed to provide clear data about Clayton's adoption within your organization and its outcome over time.

You can pick a specific period of time and eventually restrict the scope of the report by selecting a specific set of projects.

The widgets in the report show Clayton's adoption and usage outcomes within the reporting period.

To access your Impact dashboard:

  1. Home > from the left-side menu "Insights"

  2. Click on "Impact"


  • Active Projects: How many repositories and/or orgs have you scanned in the reporting period

  • Developers: How many unique contributors have committed code in the reporting period

  • Code Review Criteria: How many code review criteria did you delegate to Clayton

  • Detection Accuracy: What proportion of detections have been accepted rather than reported as false positives

  • Scans: How many code reviews did Clayton complete (Automating scans helps you assess code health faster)

  • Issues Detected: How many unique problems did Clayton detect

  • Bugs Prevented: Clayton identified possible bugs and vulnerabilities that your team fixed early during development. Without Clayton’s assistance, you may have overlooked these issues

  • Efficiency Gain: How many hours did Clayton take off your developers' plate

  • Open Issues: This metric shows the number of issues on your main branch at the end of your reporting period compared to the beginning

  • Mean time to merge: This metric displays the mean time between the opening and merging of a pull request in this period, compared to the previous

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