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Remediation Chart
Remediation Chart

Find quick wins and start remediating technical debt

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The Remediation Chart is a visualization tool that provides insights into the technical debt accumulated within a software system.

By analyzing the codebase, the Remediation Chart identifies areas that require attention, highlights potential issues, and offers recommendations for improvement.

It helps engineering teams prioritize and manage their technical debt efficiently, leading to a more stable and maintainable software system.

Issues are grouped by rules and classified based on the following:

To make it easier to identify quick wins and long-term remediation tasks.

The Remediation Chart is available on all Git projects for branch reviews (on any revision) and Org assessments.

  1. Go to your project

  2. Click on Issues to see the Remediation Chart starting from the head revision of your main integration branch or

  3. Or click on Branches > select your desired branch from the dropdown

  4. Select an available scan report (revision)

  5. Click on Show Remediation Chart


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