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Product Updates // Winter '21
Product Updates // Winter '21
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New Features

  • A new Usage Overview page (Account homepage → Settings → Usage) is now available to see the actual quota consumption levels.

  • The new Clayton UI/UX is now available on Pull Requests code review reports.

  • Salesforce environments connected to Clayton are displayed on the homepage, which includes a new filter option: Type (Repository/Environment).

  • The Users' Management page (Account homepage → Settings → Users) has been redesigned and now allows:

    • resend the verification message for users pending to validate their email address

    • order and filter users

    • export users list in CSV

Rules Updates

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Content Security Policy (CSP) HTML href attributes callto and mailto appeared to be wrongly treated as insecure content. A fix has been deployed.

  • We observed timeouts for some bulk dismissal operations. A fix has been deployed to improve performance.

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