Clayton meets AI: greater accuracy, 5x faster performance.

We have worked hard to improve Clayton’s accuracy in every possible way.
Thanks to AI, Clayton can now resolve cross-file references automatically, traverse method calls, introspect data model definitions and more, giving you better insights than ever, with even greater accuracy.

Making AppSec easier.

Writing secure code is hard. We are committed to building the best secure development suite for Salesforce and have shipped several new rules and improvements, including:

Keep your developments healthy and clutter-free.

We have shipped some new checks to keep your code robust and easy to maintain.

Other improvements.

  • Added support for Azure DevOps

  • Inactive projects are automatically archived after 60 days of inactivity

  • Workspaces unified for easier navigation and simplified management

  • Multi-provider support

  • Centralised connection management

Lightning Web Components + Evergreen Functions: tell us what you need.

Our new engine adds native support for LWC and Evergreen Functions (developer preview) and we are listening for suggestion on what to automate.

Share your suggestion in the Clayton community.

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