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Product Updates // October 2019
Product Updates // October 2019
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Issue Audit Trail

New feature

The Issue Audit Trail is a new report that allows you to keep track of the problems detected. You can use this report to know if there are new issues introduced by the latest developments or if you want to know what are coding standards exceptions made by the development team.

The report gives you visibility on:

  • what problems have been resolved, by whom and when

  • what problems have been ignored, by whom and when

  • what problems have been flagged as false positive, by whom and when

Database operations: sharing

New rule version

The Database operations: sharing rule allows developers to enforce the proper sharing behaviour on classes that access data or expose its data in views or APIs.

The new version of the rule supports the enforcement of any sharing definition and now gives more flexibility on when Clayton will trigger a new violation.

Review your active ruleset for your project and make sure the rule has the right configuration to cover your needs.

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