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Pull Request life cycle in Clayton
Pull Request life cycle in Clayton
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With Clayton, you can monitor the quality of your Salesforce solution enforcing code quality standards and automatically protect your projects from security breaches.

Git Feature Branch Workflow

If you work with Git Feature Branch Workflow to build your product, you can leverage Pull Requests to encapsulate feature development.

Clayton natively supports the Git Feature Branch Workflow, and with the proper project automation settings configured in Clayton, you can define the way you want to embed automatic code reviews results into your SDLC working with PR.

E.g. Clayton integration with GitHub Pull Requests

With Clayton, you can trigger code reviews automatically, based on the quality standards defined, for each new PR created.

Every time a PR review is created toward the main branch configured, Clayton, reviews the new code introduced.

Pull Request Auto Archive

The PR will be automatically archived and will be no more visible on the UI in Clayton when:

  • the PR is merged

  • the PR is marked as closed in the VCS

  • after 90 days of inactivity of the PR (stale)

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