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How to set a different connection for your projects
How to set a different connection for your projects
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Clayton is plugged into your Git repositories using a specific connection.
It's possible to set up a different connection for your project from the settings page:

  1. Go to your Clayton homepage

  2. Click on your project

  3. Click on the project name on the top bar

  4. Click on Project Settings

Use a dedicated service user for Clayton

If you want to create a dedicated connection for Clayton, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new user with a dedicated email address (e.g. in your git provider (GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket or Azure DevOps) as if a new teammate is joining your development team.

  2. Add this new user to the correct git organizations/teams making sure to give Read/Write access to all the git repositories monitored by Clayton.

    TIP: As per official documentation, only git users with Admin privileges can manage repo webhooks. Therefore, it's highly suggested to give the new Clayton user Admin privileges, to ease the review automation configuration (read more here).

  3. Impersonate the new integration user by login with your git provider and then Clayton, using the new account created.

    TIP: Before proceeding with the impersonation, make sure to log out from your git provider (you must NOT be logged in with your business user).
    Use an incognito window of your browser to avoid conflicts with the HTTP session.

  4. While impersonating the service user, proceed to create a new connection as described here.

    IMPORTANT: the service user must be promoted as Clayton Administrator to be able to create connections (ref. User roles explained)

When the new connection is created, every Clayton Project Lead can access the settings page of their projects and switch the connection to the new one (read more here).

Enforce your coding standards with Clayton Quality Gate

Do you want to create a quality gate for your projects with Clayton?
Have a look at our dedicated Help Section to learn how to make sure that newly committed code doesn't introduce problems.

Help needed?

Please contact support if you need any further help.

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