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Add code analysis to your projects in 5 minutes
Add code analysis to your projects in 5 minutes

Clayton helps projects already in development to get better quickly without any infrastructure or set-up overhead

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Introducing Clayton in a project already in development it’s a common use case in which there are very specific concerns to address.

  • These projects have already some code reviews best practices in place (peer code review, pair programming, PR validation, etc…), why adding a new tool?

  • The dev team is scared to introduce a new tool into the picture and people are afraid to get distracted instead of receiving value.

  • Third-party tools usually have complicated onboarding process and they add infrastructure and maintenance overhead to the team.

Clayton has been designed aiming simplicity to remove infrastructure and set-up overhead from the development team providing the most complete suite to automate code reviews for Salesforce.

Clayton comes with review criteria to let the teams defined and customize their own code quality standards delivering value by automating code reviews and monitoring the projects in real-time while the application is in development.

With Clayton:

  • Your manual code reviews will be more focused on architectural aspects.

  • You can customize your ruleset and ignore problems to remove noise from your team.

  • Zero overhead: ready to use in a few clicks. No infrastructure needed.

Step 1 - Get On-board

  1. Choose your favourite version control system

  2. Authorize Clayton to access your repo

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Step 2 - Build your standards

With the main goal of identifying a way to monitor and improve the code quality, it’s important to know the specific needs of your project.

It’s a good practice to review your code standards periodically to make sure they are complete enough and still valid based on how the project is evolving with the time.

Clayton provides a complete suite of review criteria to activate in order to let you define your ruleset and keep your project secure, maintainable and compliant to the latest Salesforce best practices. 

"Start small by defining only the rules that are Critical for your project and add new rules with the time".

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Step 3 - Fix problems

After launching a review Clayton generates a custom review report to let you work on problems detected in your project.

Clayton is also capable of automatically suggest some official technical resources (Trailhead courses, Salesforce guide articles, etc…) to better understand the problems detected and keep on helping your team to improve.

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Step 4 - Measure the results

Clayton provides Insights to help you visualise the quality of your Salesforce project like never before.

You can understand the size of your technical debt and monitor how it evolves with every new development.

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Step 5 - Repeat!

  • Keep the focus on your team, not on the technology

  • Start with critical rules for your project and iterate to enrich your review criteria with the time

  • Fix the problems giving priority to critical issues

  • Measure the results together with your team

Help needed?

Drop an email to, we will be happy to provide the support you need to successfully start using Clayton with your team 🚀

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