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Product Updates // November 2018
Product Updates // November 2018
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Real-time insights: see the big picture.

The new Insights help you visualise the quality of your Salesforce project like never before. You can pinpoint any recurring problems, learn how responsive your team is, and understand the size of your technical debt.

Have a look at our Help Article to know more!

GitLab support is here.

We are planning to expand the version control platforms we support, and we have just launched support for If you use this fantastic service to run your Salesforce projects, you can now plug Clayton in, with just a few clicks.

Use wildcards to ignore files.

You have asked for it, we delivered: you can now use wildcards to ignore files you don’t want to be included in your scans. Use this for any unmanaged package or third-party code you don’t intend to maintain. Not so fancy, but incredibly useful!
Have a look at our help article to know more.

Detection of vulnerable JS libraries.

Did you know one of the most common ways to introduce a vulnerability in your app is by unknowingly using a vulnerable JS library? Clayton now removes this risk by detecting any vulnerable third-party libraries in your Visualforce and Lightning apps, even when they are embedded in resource bundles!

Rule and accuracy enhancements.

We have released various improvements to our rules to reduce the number of incorrect detections. These include improvements to the following rules:

  • XSS in Visualforce: fixed a problem that caused incorrect detections in some circumstances

  • Apex Data Factories: the rule now detects in-class data factories or data factory methods.

  • Added support for Winter '19

Other improvements.

We have released several fixes and UX improvements, based on your feedback, including:

  • Home links: it's now easier to navigate back to your project and workspace home from the top navigation bar.

  • Active review criteria and team members are now accessible to all developers in the team.

  • Ignoring a detection no longer forces a page refresh, so it's easier to ignore multiple issues in one go.

  • The Report an incorrect detection feature has been improved to help our team identify and fix problems more quickly, by automatically sharing troubleshooting information.

  • Issue severity and links to GitHub/Bitbucket are now included in the CSV export for all code reviews.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some repositories from being displayed when adding a new project

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