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Report an incorrect detection
Report an incorrect detection
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Clayton reviews your projects based on the quality standards defined by the project leader.
The Clayton team keeps on periodically improving the available ruleset to increase the accuracy of the reviews and avoid false-positive results.

However, it could happen that in some circumstances Clayton flags issues while they are not real problems.

  1. Access your review report

  2. Search for the false positive issue

  3. Click on Dismiss

  4. Select the reason False positive

  5. Write a short comment to clarify why the detection is wrong

  6. Click on Yes, dismiss

This operation will:

  • Remove this issue from your code reviews

  • Share troubleshooting information with our technical team to work on a fix for the affected review criteria

Stay on top of what has been dismissed

From the code review report, you can see all the dismissed problems by selecting Dismissed on the Status filter.

It is also possible to have full visibility by exporting the code review report in CSV (read more).

For any other question or clarification don't hesitate to contact

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