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Join your Team

Get onboard with Clayton in seconds

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Your Project is already configured in Clayton and you want to join your Team?

  1. Go to your Clayton homepage

  2. Click on Other projects tab

  3. Click on Join

Your project is now listed in the My projects tab and you are now part of the Team 👍

Project Lead users can manage Project Team members to ensure all the contributors have proper visibility on their projects:

  1. Go to your Clayton homepage

  2. Click on your project

  3. Click on “Project team”

  4. Use the prompted interface to manage your Team members

  • Clayton only reviews contributions from known project team members, therefore all code contributors need to be added as project team members in Clayton.

  • When inviting a new project team members, Clayton will automatically send an invite email.

  • Upon their first access to the project, all project members are requested to review and approve the coding standards before contributing to the code. This makes onboarding of new developers easier and ensure all developers are on the same page before they start building your app

Help needed?

If you need any further support please drop us an email, we will be happy to help!

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