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How does Clayton's code analysis work?
How does Clayton's code analysis work?

Learn more about how we scan your app, and the magic behind Clayton's accuracy.

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Does Clayton run my code to analyse it?

No, it doesn't. Clayton uses a number of static code analysis techniques, to try to understand how your code flows, without actually executing it.

Is Clayton based on PMD?

No, we run on our own proprietary code analysis engine, as the type of analysis we perform wouldn't be possible with PMD. We designed Clayton because we thought that existing code analysis tools weren't accurate, reliable, or flexible enough to work with Salesforce development the way we want.

Can I create my own rules with Clayton?

Not at this stage, but we can definitely help. We are working to make Clayton configurable to suit the specific needs of every Salesforce development team. Many of our rules offer configuration flexibility, however if you really need some custom behaviour you should get in touch with us. We welcome any suggestions and can discuss very specific customisation needs.

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