Clayton keeps your source code and data encrypted at all times, both in transit and at rest.

No access to CRM data

  • Clayton connects into your code repository, not your CRM, keeping your data untouched. 

Encryption in transit

  • All web session and file transfer occur over HTTPS only, using encrypted connections at all times.

  • Integrations with third party systems occur via API or WebService over HTTPS, using encrypted connections at all times.

  • We will never integrate any system that does not provide a fully encrypted API.

  • Real-time integrations are achieved via secured webhooks over HTTPS, using certificate verification at both ends wherever possible.

Access to your version control system

  • Clayton connect and integrate into your version control system via APIs. All sessions are authenticated using OAuth (Web Server and JWT grant mechanisms).

  • Clayton does not retain or store any usernames, passwords or SSH keys for accessing your version control systems or their APIs.

  • Users can revoke their access tokens at any time directly from within their version control system.

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